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Since almost everyone in the world has access to the internet and its various applications, more and more people are looking for ways to make use of the digital world in their daily lives. This is one of the reasons why crypto exchanges are gaining popularity. An example of these platforms that managed to connect everyone with the booming world of digital assets is 

Founded in 2019 by serial technology entrepreneur Victor Prokopenya, has over 2,000 tokenised markets ranging from equities and indices to commodities and bonds.’s mission is to standardise and make investment accessible to anyone, leading to a more financially secure and stable world. 

By offering speedy and flexible services, allows crypto users with Bitcoin and Ethereum to have access to the most popular and lucrative tokenised equities, commodities and indices. is not just a simple crypto exchange since it is also the world’s first tokenised assets trading platform. Tokenised assets represent either digital or physical assets on a distributed ledger. For instance, you can trade the shares of Microsoft, Amazon and Apple at without having to withdraw crypto and convert them into fiat currency.

How does connect everyone to the world of digital assets

Check out how connects everyone, especially fiat investors to the world of digital assets by learning all about its features and processes below:

Experience the best trading experience

State-of-the-art analysis tools, reliable technical indicators and easy-to-read charts, all with top-quality graphics can be used by’s users to guide them for their next trade. Here, you can tailor the platform according to your needs and preferences. For example, you can choose whether you want the chart to have candlesticks, bars or just lines.

One of the best tools designed for beginners is’s set of smart risk management tools. These tools allow you to manage your risks and limit potential losses by adjusting your margin and deciding how much money you are willing to risk. In addition, the negative balance protection and guaranteed stop-loss tools will ensure that you will not lose more than what you have.

Receive industry-leading affiliate and referral opportunities

You can refer a friend to and both of you will get a bonus of up to $100. All they need to do is register on the site using the referral link you sent them and make a deposit. Once done, you each will get the bonus.

Aside from the referral bonus, you can try the affiliate opportunity to earn a 40% commission from your clients’ revenue in USD. You will also get up to a 12% discount on trading commissions for your clients.

Buy and sell tokenised assets safely and securely has robust security since they adhere to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements. The AML and KYC will ensure that users are using the platform legitimately and with no ill intentions, which minimise the risk of hacking and identity thefts. Moreover, the platform is designed using advanced technologies and processes such as a scalable matching engine, cyber security system and period audits to increase the privacy and security of its users’ data.

In addition, you can trust when it comes to the safety of your assets since it has added security features such as 2-factor authentication (2FA) to ensure that you’re the only one who accesses your account.

Access 2,000+ top traded tokenised assets and cryptocurrencies lets you invest in various leading tokens from different companies and commodities such as Amazon, Microsoft, Brent Crude and Gold. Here, you can invest in the growing list of 2,000+ cryptocurrencies and tokenised assets with great pricing and no hidden fees. 

Use the cryptocurrency calculator for faster price conversion has cryptocurrency calculators where you can convert a wide range of fiat currencies into BTC and ETH in real-time. This will help you stay updated with the current prices and plan your investments wisely.

Getting started with

If you are ready to start your journey, take a look at how you can create an account, buy crypto and trade them below:

How to create a account

Registering for an account is free and easy. All you have to do is to follow the steps below:

  1. Click the sign-in button at the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Enter your active email address.
  3. Create a unique password.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. You can now verify your account by submitting documents and filling out more fields to start trading.

If you want to create a more professional trading account, you can opt to get a corporate account. Here, your account can be verified within the day of registering while still undergoing the AML and KYC process. Moreover, The platform’s customer service specialists will always prioritise your requests and inquiries.

In addition, you will also have a personal account manager you can work with and provide advice on any type of issue like technical aspects of the platform and withdrawal of your profits. Those with corporate accounts can also enjoy increased transaction limits.

How to trade tokenised tokens in

Trading tokenised assets is similar to trading other crypto and traditional assets. You just have to buy and sell them to get profits from the market swings and trading opportunities. After that, you have to wait for the regular payment of the interest which is often every 3 months, depending on the company. Interest rates on tokenised assets provide higher returns than bank deposits.

How to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum using a credit card

If you are looking for an easy way to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, is the best place to start. Here, you can buy digital tokens using Visa and MasterCard as well as bank payments. This is part of the platform’s mission to make digital assets easily accessible to everyone. Revolutionising fiat and crypto investment aims to bridge the gap between the digital world and the field of finance. It has also revolutionised crypto investment through tokenised trading. Thus, it is a great place for investors to trade a broad range of assets in tokenised form.

It offers a reliable mobile app ideal for those who prefer to trade on the move. This way, you will never have to miss a trading opportunity and you can access trading tools and monitor charts whenever and wherever you need them. 

In conclusion, paves the way for a simpler, safer and broader exchange of digital currencies. Read more articles like this here at BTC Post!

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