Is LBank a world-class digital asset exchange?

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More than a decade after Bitcoin was born, we have seen huge advances in the world of cryptocurrency. As a result, crypto exchanges are created to host the needs of crypto users and carry the circulation demand of digital assets. One of the popular exchanges today that claims to have made a noise in the cryptocurrency industry is LBank. 

Founded in 2015, Ledger Bank or LBank provides global clients with professional crypto asset management services. It offers a safe and convenient exchange globally, making it a world-class digital asset exchange.

LBank is owned by a Chinese company, Superchains Network Technology Co. Ltd and has branch offices in Australia, Canada, Indonesia and the United States. This platform primarily serves the Asian and Chinese markets but is now accepting clients all around the world. Today, you will delve deep into the aspects that make LBank one of the bests in the world. 

LBank exchange’s world-class features

One of the main reasons why LBank has managed to expand its reach worldwide is due to the plethora of features and services it offers. Take a look at some of them below:

Secure and backed system

Since the crypto industry is experiencing China’s harsh laws, LBank exchange decided to base its headquarters out of Hong Kong. As a result, the platform is not required to pass the strict regulations of China when it comes to crypto exchanges. However, this does not mean that LBank is not reliable and competent enough since most reputable crypto exchanges still operate without any formal regulation in the country they’re based in.

In addition, there have been no reported records of the platform being hacked or losing funds ever since the inception of LBank. This is because the exchange enforcest the latest security features such as 2-Factor Authentication during logins and transactions as well as SSL encrypted servers. It also supports both cold and hot wallet storage for user funds.

Multiple trading platforms

The LBank mobile platform makes the exchange ideal for all types of traders whether you are a hands-on crypto enthusiast or just a casual investor. You can now trade or check your assets anytime, anywhere through its mobile app. Thanks to this, you can access the platform using both mobile and desktop devices as long as you have WiFi connectivity. 

Reliable customer support

LBank has a reliable customer support and a dedicated FAQ page should you need instant answers to common questions. You can contact the support team via the online chat feature as well as through their social media accounts such as WeChat and Telegram.

Flat trade fees and no deposit charge

The costs of trading at LBank are lower than other popular crypto exchanges. Here, the maker and taker fees have a flat charge of 0.10% per trade which is a lot lower compared to the 0.20% to 0.25% standard charge of leading exchanges. The deposits are free but withdrawals have a fee that varies depending on the crypto.

LBank exchange’s global services

LBank offers a plethora of crypto trading services for various digital assets to accommodate the needs of its clients. Check out some of the key services that this exchange offers below:

LBank Exchange

LBank’s exchange platform has a simple user interface that is suitable for new crypto traders. The placement of buying windows and technical indicators are all placed in a way that will help new users easily navigate the site. 

When placing orders, you can use trading options such as spot and grid trading. The former executes the trade instantly while the latter executes the order on an automated basis based on the changes that take place in the crypto market.

Since LBank is strictly a crypto exchange platform, it only supports crypto trading pairs and not fiat currency. Currently, more than 1,000 digital assets are available to be traded in the exchange and the number continues to rise over time.


Other services LBank offers are found in the Derivatives section that includes ETF, Futures and Spot Trading. Take a look into each of these below:

  • Exchange Traded Funds: EFTs track the price movements of crypto assets. Here, the crypto issued and listed on LBank needs to bear custody of the digital asset. 
  • Futures: It refers to the method of speculating the price of assets in the future. It can be traded the whole day with no limit control on losses or gains.
  • Options trading: It provides the buyer with the right to buy or sell an asset at a determined date and price. 

Apollo launchpad

The Apollo launchpad is an advanced feature that LBank offers. Here, you can find various blockchain projects such as newly launched cryptos on sale. Each asset displays the available amount for purchase and the date when the offer started. Some of the crypto assets offered in the Apollo launchpad include Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

Investment options

LBank exchange offers investment solutions based on staking where users invest a portion of their funds in blockchain projects. Once you go to the Finance section of the platform, you will see 2 investment options:

  • Flexible: These are investment programs that you can adjust or withdraw anytime. Once you reduce or withdraw the deposit, you will receive a reduced payment at the end of the program.
  • Fixed: This has a closed deposit which means that you can no longer adjust or withdraw your stake once you have deposited it. The interest rate varies depending on the blockchain program and your deposit amount.

LBank NFT Marketplace

LBank has an NFT Marketplace where you can buy, sell and trade Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFTs are unique digital assets such as artwork, images, audio, videos, real estate and so on that can only belong to one person. 

GameFi Fund

LBank is now dedicating its funds to the development of GameFi projects consisting of play-to-earn games. The platform aims to help start-up crypto projects by expanding its business model to the GameFi community. Some of the projects listed on LBank are:

  • Thetan Arena: An eSport game based on blockchain technology that you can play with your friends.
  • The Sandbox: A virtual Metaverse where players can own, build and play on their virtual worlds.
  • Axie Infinity: Requires players to breed and train monsters called ‘Axies’ to fight against other players and win. 

LBank can satiate the demand of clients worldwide

LBank continues to grow and gain the interest of many clients not just in Asian countries but across the globe. Its competitive fees and a plethora of services are some of the main reasons why it is globally appealing. Overall, LBank is a reliable and all-in-one crypto exchange with various features and services that global users can enjoy. 

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