ProBit Global Exchange: An all-in-one experience

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Nowadays, it’s no longer a surprise to see that many people are interested in trading in cryptocurrency since it has become a growing market across the globe. Although it’s volatile at times, many take the chance to buy and sell these digital coins to earn some good returns in the future. On that note, staking on these assets require a great platform that enables you to maximise your trading experience.

A good example of this is the ProBit Global Exchange, which is a platform that has low fees, a user-friendly interface and great discounts for loyal traders. Curious to know more about it? Get to know more about it here at BTC Post.

What is ProBit Global Exchange?

The ProBit Global Exchange is a coin-to-coin cryptocurrency exchange that’s accessible in different countries including South Korea and parts of the United States. It’s known to have a high order speed, reaching up to over 1.5 million orders per second. Although the exchange was first created in 2017, it was only a year later that it was officially launched to the public.

ProBit is currently led by founders CEO Huyunsu Do and CTO Steve Woo. According to them, the goal is to be the ‘most global, professional and secure digital asset exchange for all sorts of traders’. In turn, they created two main divisions of the platform namely ProBit Global and ProBit Korea. 

As the names suggest, the former focuses on the international crypto investors while the latter is catered to the local market. Moreover, ProBit Global is based in Seychelles while ProBit Korea is in Seoul, South Korea.

What are the best features of ProBit Global Exchange?

The ProBit Global Exchange proves itself as a platform that has it all because of its impressive features, which are as follows:

Wide selection of cryptocurrencies

ProBit Global has over 340 cryptocurrencies on its platform including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) among others. Since it allows users to trade in more than 600 markets, it’s dubbed as one of the best exchanges to use, especially if you are trading with the latest coins.

Low trading fees

Probit has a transaction fee of 0.2% to 0.3% and it provides additional discounts for loyal users. Moreover, it has a special offer for staking in the exchange’s native token, PROB. The number of PROB tokens you have determines your membership rank in the exchange. ProBit Global has 12 levels from VIP 1 to VIP 11 with various perks such as better referral bonuses and higher discount rates.

User-friendly interface

ProBit has a minimalistic interface with an all-white background with a few dashes of violet on its homepage. Additionally, their trading dashboard is easy to understand even for beginners since it’s properly organised with the different charts and tables laid out smoothly.

Optional KYC

When trading in ProBit, you have the option to not reveal your identity in the ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) feature. You only have to provide an email address when registering on the platform and you’re not required to provide an ID.

Secure and reliable system

Since its launch, ProBit had no incidents of any breaches which is proof of the platform’s impenetrable security system. Moreover, it follows global standards with a capacity of 150,000 orders per second.

Easy access to IEOs

Through the ProBit Global Exchange, you can easily try the Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) for various projects. IEO is now a great alternative for initial coin offerings (ICOs) since it makes better reviews for projects’ white papers, has less tedious rules and allows direct crowdfunding access.

Various earning opportunities

Staking your digital coins in the platform allows you to earn passive income. Ideally, it’s best to trade using the PROB native token of the exchange to get trading fee discounts, staking rewards and referral bonuses of up to 30% of the referred person’s trading fees.

FAQs about the ProBit Global Exchange

If you need quick answers to your questions, refer to our frequently asked questions page to know more about ProBit Global Exchange:

How do I register?

To register in the ProBit Global Exchange, follow these steps:

  1. Click the ‘Register’ button at the top right corner of the exchange’s homepage
  2. Fill in the required information on the redirected page like your email and chosen password
  3. Input the referral code if applicable
  4. Tick all the boxes after reading all the important information
  5. Press the Register button to complete the process.

How do I reset my password?

Reset your password by pressing the ‘forgot your password’ link at the bottom of the page. Input your email address and follow the instructions shown on your screen.

How do I make a deposit?

Depositing in the ProBit Global Exchange is fast and easy. Just follow the different steps listed below:

  1. Log in to your ProBit Global account
  2. Click on the Wallet tab at the top of part of your screen
  3. Press Deposit and choose your preferred cryptocurrency
  4. Recheck all the necessary details before proceeding
  5. Click the ‘copy deposit address’
  6. Wait for the confirmation to know if the transaction is completed.

How do I complete a KYC?

Know your Customer (KYC) is a security process that’s done to verify your personal information. It involves two steps that start with email verification granted to all registered users. However, the identity verification process, which is the second step, is a more strenuous process but allows you to use all the exchange’s available services. Complete your KYC by using this guide below as your reference:

  1. Log into your account in ProBit Exchange on a browser
  2. Click the ‘My Page’ where you’ll see the Verification tab
  3. Check its current STEP # to know your status
  4. Press the ‘verify now’ button if you are at the KYC Step #2
  5. Input all your personal information and upload all the necessary documents like a photo of your ID
  6. Click the Submit button once everything is done
  7. Wait for the results for a few business days
  8. If approved, your KYC status on the ‘My Page’ tab should show ‘Verification Complete’.

ProBit Global Exchange: A universal exchange you should try!

If you’re looking for an exchange site that’s ideal for everyone, go for the ProBit Global Exchange. It has a large array of cryptocurrencies on its platform and offers low trading fees. Moreover, it provides discounts for loyal users and gives referral bonuses when you share them with other people. Begin your crypto trading journey in ProBit and use all its features to the fullest!

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization
  • bitcoinBitcoin (BTC) $ 54,547.00 5.1%
  • ethereumEthereum (ETH) $ 3,177.54 2.21%
  • tetherTether (USDT) $ 0.999768 0.08%
  • bnbBNB (BNB) $ 397.72 1.87%
  • solanaSolana (SOL) $ 109.38 5.06%
  • staked-etherLido Staked Ether (STETH) $ 3,176.61 2.55%
  • xrpXRP (XRP) $ 0.549272 0.49%
  • usd-coinUSDC (USDC) $ 0.996983 0.35%
  • cardanoCardano (ADA) $ 0.616960 4.41%
  • avalanche-2Avalanche (AVAX) $ 38.94 4.66%

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